Measure feet online - in YOUR webshop

Extend your existing website with the ability to measure feet accurately and quickly. No customer leaves your offer for measurement.No app required!

The acquisition is done directly in the web browser and directly after that the display filters are automatically adjusted to the result.

Only one line of HTML code is necessary

You retain complete control and finally learn what shoe size your customers really need.

No more size selection orders. No more returns because of different sizes from different manufacturers.

Millimeter, EU, MONDOPOINT, UK, US - WMS - ISO9407:2019 ... - in length, width and 20 other parameters

Add online foot measurement to your filter page – accurate to the millimeter, web-based and extremely fast

Schuhe by Sutor

from 0,10 € per measurement

You can start yourself immediately – register on and immediately receive HTML code for integration. Additionally statistics and data protection compliant all foot data! No setup costs, no hidden fees!

Integrates with all eCommerce solutions – self-service portal includes help documents and integration guides – also for shopify, shopware, magento, woocommerce…

A return costs in Germany statistically about 15€ – for this you already get 150 millimeter-precise measurements (2 feet = 1 measurement), including statistical evaluations and measurement data!

Your customer can measure at home with the same accuracy as in a retail store

Lockdown again? Have the children’s feet grown again? At any time and immediately, your customers can measure their feet and are guided directly to your offer – with the right size advice.

Our modules can be used in eCommerce as well as at the point of sale. Expand your measurement competence through digital measurement and consulting – use our cost-effective and very stable match and fit fitplate made of powder-coated steel for exact measurement.

match and fit fitplate

....and how does it really work?

We measure the feet of your customers with the help of the camera of a smartphone or tablet. It does not matter whether it is an Android or IOS device. All it does is load a web page in a browser.

Of course, everything is “white-label enabled” – meaning your customer will see your logo and won’t be distracted from their desire to buy by any other offers.

All your customer needs is a sheet of paper or you have a fitplate. He/she is guided through the measurement by help instructions (e.g. ), which takes a few seconds and is carried out completely automatically. In addition, a video manual is available to the end user.

Immediately after the measurement, we convert the results so that we can perfectly set the filters on your page. Whether certified according to WMS or ISO9407 compliant according to Mondopoint – or any other way your webshop understands.

We recommend a filtering according to Mondopoint (ISO 9407), because it compensates the differences regarding the different manufacturer specifications. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Your customer does not disclose any personal data to us and we do not learn anything about transactions between you and your end customer. We are merely the digital measuring tape. However, we provide your customers with a watch list on their end devices – so they always have the right shoe size with them – even those of their relatives.

With just one click your customer is back in your web offer – with the right shoe size.

And if your web offer is not yet ready for him to understand filters or if you don’t want to sell shoes online at all, we are still the right choice to advise the customer, to show digital competence and to be able to support him with advice even during closing times.

It’s that simple – starting at 0.10€ / measurement