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match and fit measures feet WITHOUT an App digitally measures feet is brand and manufacturer neutral is efficient and safe does not collect personal data is white-lable capable integrates itself into your appearance reduces returns increases customer satisfaction

match and fit provides a system landscape that can reliably assign the correct shoe size.

Measuring feet without an app?...

Children's feet grow - lockdown or not. How can parents be sure to buy the right shoes - how can shoe retailers be sure not to generate returns?
By taking the right measurements!

We provide a complete system environment with millimeter-accurate measurement of children's feet according to international standards.
Parents can measure feet with almost any smartphone - without installing an app and, most importantly, without leaving your eCommerce offer - and are guaranteed to order the right size.

Today in eCommerce - (hopefully) soon back in stationary retail. Consult your customers and keep in touch with them - we stay in the background and don't get any data of your customers. Your business remains your business - no commissions to third parties.

The use is simple - you can post a QR code, send it or embed it directly on your homepage. The customer scans it and is directed to a measurement page in the browser - measuring two feet takes about 10 seconds. Then, your customer is automatically redirected to the right offer filtered by size.
If you don't have an eCommerce store yet - no problem even then. We show you and your customer which is the appropriate size - not only in length, but also width. With this you can then choose the right shoe together.

You can start immediately - via our portal you can create an account and generate the QR codes at any time.

If you consider that a return incl. processing statistically costs about 15 €, you can easily calculate that our offer is already worthwhile from 7 saved returns per month. Our customers tell us about more than 20% less returns already in the first months. Do you sell more than 30 shoes per month? Then you can save with us and of course help the environment.

And remember - this is the first time you're getting to know your customers' feet digitally! Think about the opportunities this presents!

... we can! And you too!

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Christian Brügmann
Tobias Zimmerer

match and fit

The founders

Over 30 years of experience and knowledge each in the areas of shoe manufacturing, IT system landscapes, computer programming, AI, APP and current IT know-how.

All this bundled with a great team and a lot of experience as supervisory board, board of directors, managing director and the desire to start a new revolution.

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About us is already written – here is an excerpt from professional publications. Unfortunately, so far only in German language.

29.04.2020 – “Passend online kaufen.” [PDF]

17.03.2020 – “Neue Systemlandschaft soll den Online-Verkauf von Schuhen revolutionieren.” [PDF]

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